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As the star of quasi-reality series My Life as Liz, Liz Lee offered a version of life, filtered through the prism of an artistic, effervescent “outcast” in small town Texas. While the MTV show focused on the anxiety of identity in the context of high school, Lee locates it in the confines of the family as a curator for MOCAtv.
Lee selects footage of a Scottish mum barging in on her daughters as they make a video, a warped version of Jimmy Neutron, and Ryan Trecartin’s P.OPULAR S.KY (section ish). Lee came to fame as a teenager, and has chosen videos that range across childhood and teenage experiences, where what separates reality from fantasy is sometimes up for discussion. 
YouTube Curated By - Liz Lee - MOCAtv
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Hillary Clinton Covers Vanity Fair France August 2014 by Martin Schoeller
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All hail.
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